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The Clearblue DIGITAL Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator gives a double confirmation of the result. Its Smart Dual Sensor sensor "¢ will not only indicates whether pregnant or not, it also shows you how many weeks ago that conception has occurred.

With its advanced digital display, it is not necessary to interpret lines, so it offers the interpretation of the pregnancy test more accurate in early pregnancy *.
The Clearblue DIGITAL Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator
It offers an accuracy above 99% from the date on which the period is due.
It is the only evidence also indicates the weeks have passed since conception has occurred.
Provides clear and flawless results.
Is so sensitive that allows testing up to four days before the first missed * occur.
It is easy to use thanks to its unique shaped symbol hourglass shows that the test is working.

How to Interpret Results
The doctor will calculate your stage of pregnancy based on the first day of your last period. The Conception Indicator tells you how many weeks ago you conceived. Conception occurs about two weeks before the date that your period is due.

Test Results Time since conception pregnancy dating from the doctor (based on a 28 day cycle)
Not Pregnant Not Pregnant
She is pregnant and has been designed makes 1 to 2 weeks 3 to 4 weeks
She is pregnant and has been designed makes 2 to 3 weeks 4 to 5 weeks
She is pregnant and has designed more than 3 weeks ago Over 5 weeks
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
* Current Medical Research and Opinion, Vol. 24, No. 6, 2008, 1645-1649
* If you test before your period is due and get a result â € œThere embarazadaâ €, there are still chances of getting pregnant, but the hormone level is not high enough to be detected by the test. In clinical trials with samples of early pregnancy, pregnancy test Clearblue DIGITAL gave the following results: 55% of women tested positive four days before the failure occurs, 86% of women three days before, 97% of women two days before and 99% of women a day earlier.

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